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A nook for my Nook

Way back in February, before prices dropped on eReaders like nobody’s business, I went out and bought the Barnes & Noble Nook.  I did not, at the time, buy a cover for it because, a) it’d be an extra $30 I wouldn’t be able to spend on books, and b) I had a stack of yarn at home aching to be used in some project.

Sometime in April, tired of wrapping my Nook in a variety of scarves, I finally sat down and crocheted a bag for my new toy.  I used a 100% cotton yarn, light worsted weight, in a really pretty denim blue.  I (of course) don’t recall the name of the yarn, but I know it’s been discontinued because I picked it up off the discontinued shelf at my local yarn shop.  The results were rather lovely, I think:

Nook Cozy -- Closed

Nook Cozy -- Closed

I absolutely love the buttons with that denim blue, and the Nook fits into the cozy exactly.  To get the measurements right, I started with a double-base chain the length of the Nook’s short side and then worked in the round to make the bag.  I kept slipping the Nook in and out of the bag like you’d try on a toe-down sock for fit.  You can see how well it fits in the next two images:

Nook Cozy -- Size Comparison

Nook Cozy -- Size Comparison from the side

Nook Cozy -- Size Comparison 2

Nook Cozy -- Size Comparison with Nook in cozy

There’s enough extra space in the design of the bag to get the Nook in and out easily, but the bag is still small enough that the Nook doesn’t jostle around.

And now, let us pause for a quick bit of button porn:

Nook Cozy -- Buttons

Nook Cozy -- Button close-up

I picked up the buttons at Hobby Lobby ages ago, and I was so happy to finally find a yarn and a project where they worked so well.  The buttons are from Dill Buttons, and are made–the website informs me–of tin.  I had assumed they were silver because, well, they’re silver, so I learned something today.

My only complaint on the whole project is that I got overzealous with the strap, so the bag hits me under my hip, but I tend to do that with bags, so I’m not terribly surprised.

On a final, pre-poll note, I highly recommend the Nook.  All the ereaders on the market are basically the same in regards to software, so do your research on which feels the most comfortable to interact with, and pick one up now. They’ve dropped $100 off the price across the board.

And now, the poll:


Better Late Than Never: Projects Long Completed

That I forgot to post because I’m a bum.

If you’ve been checking back with my very inconsistent posting, you might recall my super-awesome mod podge Black Canary shoes.  Awhile back, I decided I was tired of the flat-out terrible that was the Winick “Green Arrow/Black Canary” run and chopped it up for parts:

Comic panels for bag

Such pretty art from such a terrible, terrible comic.

There’s a lot of Dinah on the top of the pile, but there’s also a lot of Ollie, Mia, Connor, and a few shots of Hal Jordan (used for another project).  If you’re not a comic book fan, all those names are characters in the book.  They’re awesome.  When not written by Judd Winick (zing!).

I then went and grabbed a giant red bag I’d bought at Hobby Lobby weeks before this project because it was giant, red, and I was certain I could find it useful.  I did!  However, there was quite a bit of red in the background of the panels I wanted to use (and Mia (Speedy 2) was wearing the classic red costume), so I wanted to tone down the very bright red.  I grabbed some black acrylic paint to paint up the bag.

Paint and Mod Podge

The paint takes the forefront, while the Mod Podge waits patiently for its turn.

I then took the black paint and brushed it all over the purse, which looked pretty neat when I finished up:

Bag, post-painting

Bag, post-painting, pre-awesome.

I then laid out the different pictures on each of the different panels of the bag, deciding to set up an ass-kicking scene for Dinah (aka Black Canary, aka my favorite superhero EVER).  I used the back side of the bag to showcase the different characters in the comic, including Green Arrow (Ollie), Speedy (Mia), Green Arrow II (Connor), Black Canary (Dinah), and Red Arrow (Roy–the three pictures there were of him).  Once I had the whole thing planned out, I put the mod podge to work and created the Bag of Badass:

Front of Bag

Front of Bag

Back of bag

Back of bag

I’ve taken it out a few times since I finished it, and it’s held up well.  I accidentally tore a panel, but I managed to line it back up and mod podge it back together.  Super fun, though a touch time-consuming (lots of tiny pieces to cut out), but I swear mod podge gets more fun every time I use it.

Close up of bag panels:

Front of bag, panel 1
Front of bag, panel 2
Front of bag, panel 3

Back of bag, panel 1
Back of bag, panel 2
Back of bag, panel 3

Wearing down the yarn stash, one skein at a time

I’ve been on a yarn-buying freeze for about a year now.  It got to the point where I looked at the yarn I had and could not figure out what to do with it all.  I’ve got a basket tucked under my side table that I filled with various weights of yarn, and I’ve been working my way through it over the last few months, hoping to make a dent.

The sweater I made awhile back was part of that stash.  My first shrug, the arm warmers for which I wrote a pattern, and the hat and scarf combo were also all from that stash of yarn.  Various other projects came from the same collection, but I’ve no pictures of those.

After the sweater, I spent some time cross-stitching and trying to knit again [the knitting was, again, a bit of a failure], and then I decied I was ready to crochet again.  Digging through my basket-stash I found a few loose skeins of yarn that weren’t enough for larger projects and decided it was time to fall back on my old standby: purses.

Crochet Purse #1, Lion Brand Wool

Crochet Purse #1, Lion Brand Wool

This purse was made with a single skein of Lion Brand Wool in bright red.  I used my trusty H-hook and worked from the bottom up.  To get the ruffle along the edge of the opening, I crochected three single crochet into every single crochet around and then repeated the same steps on the next round.  For the ties, I cut six lengths of yarn all roughly the same size.  I seperated them into two groups of three, braided them, tied them off, and then threaded them through the round of double crochet I had placed two rounds below the start of the ruffle.

This purse has already found a new home with a friend of mine who spotted it, complimented it, and immediately got it gifted to her.

Crochet Purse #2, Lion Brand Wool and Lion Brand Suede

Crochet Purse #2, Lion Brand Wool and Lion Brand Suede

When I’d finished with crochet purse #1, I had a bit of the red Lion Brand Wool left over, so I started on another purse.  Once I’d run out of the red, I found some sparkly white Lion Brand Wool and just kept moving.  And then, once I ran out of the white, I moved to the Lion Brand Suede.  I was reminded how much I detest Lion Brand Suede.  I don’t think I’ve ever used it wtihout it breaking on me about every two or three rows, and this time was no different.  On the upside, the handles on this purse came out fairly well for a first attempt.  Usually, if I’m making a purse, I add ties like I did with #1, but for this purse I wanted to try and work the handles in to make the purse a single piece.  They’re slightly uneven, but they’re there!

Crochet Purse #3, Crystal Palace Art Deco

Crochet Purse #3, Crystal Palace Art Deco

Having disposed of all my Lion Brand yarn, I moved onto the two skeins of Crystal Palace Art Deco yarn I’d bought on discount.  Before I made this purse, I made a headkerchief [pictures forthcoming at a later date], and then, with a skein and a half left, I started on the purse.  This is a very pretty, sparkly nylon yarn with the single disadvantage of being scratchy.  My left index finger–which took the brunt of the scratchiness–was a touch sensitive after I finished this purse.  The fact that I made the purse and kercheif in one day didn’t help matters, I’m sure.

For the ruffle on this purse, I made three single crochet in every single crochet around, and then I did a round of single crochet.  For the ties, I cut six lengths of yarn roughly the same size and simply tied the ends together.  I considered braiding the ties, as in purse #1, but I decided the loose ties would fit better with the whimisical look of the yarn, and I very much like the choice in the finished product.

Interestingly enough, this post was supposed to go out on March 24th.  I seem to have hit the “save draft” button as opposed to the “publish” button, and this poor entry has been gathering dust since then.  I’ve made a couple of other projects since the original writing of this post, and I’ll post them up as soon as I get the pictures cropped, so keep watch.  I’m back for the time being.