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Imitation is the Sincerest Form of Flattery!

Amy Lynn, of Not So Random Thoughts, used my post on my Black Canary shoes to make herself a fantastic pair of Spider-Man shoes. She went two steps past my shoes–she painted the soles and heels and relined the shoes. The results? Awesome! She’s thinking of doing another round with her Wonder Woman comics, and while I completely agree those would make badass shoes, I did suggest she attempt a bag of badass if she wanted something new.


Better Late Than Never: Projects Long Completed

That I forgot to post because I’m a bum.

If you’ve been checking back with my very inconsistent posting, you might recall my super-awesome mod podge Black Canary shoes.  Awhile back, I decided I was tired of the flat-out terrible that was the Winick “Green Arrow/Black Canary” run and chopped it up for parts:

Comic panels for bag

Such pretty art from such a terrible, terrible comic.

There’s a lot of Dinah on the top of the pile, but there’s also a lot of Ollie, Mia, Connor, and a few shots of Hal Jordan (used for another project).  If you’re not a comic book fan, all those names are characters in the book.  They’re awesome.  When not written by Judd Winick (zing!).

I then went and grabbed a giant red bag I’d bought at Hobby Lobby weeks before this project because it was giant, red, and I was certain I could find it useful.  I did!  However, there was quite a bit of red in the background of the panels I wanted to use (and Mia (Speedy 2) was wearing the classic red costume), so I wanted to tone down the very bright red.  I grabbed some black acrylic paint to paint up the bag.

Paint and Mod Podge

The paint takes the forefront, while the Mod Podge waits patiently for its turn.

I then took the black paint and brushed it all over the purse, which looked pretty neat when I finished up:

Bag, post-painting

Bag, post-painting, pre-awesome.

I then laid out the different pictures on each of the different panels of the bag, deciding to set up an ass-kicking scene for Dinah (aka Black Canary, aka my favorite superhero EVER).  I used the back side of the bag to showcase the different characters in the comic, including Green Arrow (Ollie), Speedy (Mia), Green Arrow II (Connor), Black Canary (Dinah), and Red Arrow (Roy–the three pictures there were of him).  Once I had the whole thing planned out, I put the mod podge to work and created the Bag of Badass:

Front of Bag

Front of Bag

Back of bag

Back of bag

I’ve taken it out a few times since I finished it, and it’s held up well.  I accidentally tore a panel, but I managed to line it back up and mod podge it back together.  Super fun, though a touch time-consuming (lots of tiny pieces to cut out), but I swear mod podge gets more fun every time I use it.

Close up of bag panels:

Front of bag, panel 1
Front of bag, panel 2
Front of bag, panel 3

Back of bag, panel 1
Back of bag, panel 2
Back of bag, panel 3

It is now craft and book time.

My internship is over!  I have won the internets.  And time to do things that are not my internship.  First and foremost, I’ve been reading.  In the last couple of weeks I’ve polished off Animal Farm, The Poisonwood Bible, and Eighty Million Eyes.  The last is one of Ed McBain’s 87th Pricinct novels.  I adore that series.  Animal Farm and The Poisonwood Bible were both re-reads.  I last read Animal Farm when I was thirteen or fourteen, and I was very pleased to find out that the story is still compelling.  One of my favorite things about it is that while it’s a fairy tale about how totalitarinism is bad, it’s also just a very good story.  Orwell gets the point across without beating you over the head with a slideshow.  I think this was my ninth or tenth re-read of The Poisonwood Bilble [by Barabara Kingsolover, if you’ve not heard of it].  I read it about once a year, and I plan for it because I know that picking it up just to check one piece of information means sitting down and reading it yet again.  And now I’ve started The Scarlet Letter. I’ve never read it, and I’m trying to read more classics because I just never have.  There were plenty of modern books to take up my time in school, so I never thought to pick up the old books.

In craft news, have I shown you these adorable shoes:

$20 heels and purple yarn for the win!

$20 heels and purple yarn for the win!

It took a little mod podge, a little yarn, and a great deal of patience to get these shoes.  I finished them way back but completely forgot to post the picture.  The only downside to having cute, fuzzy purple shoes is that I am now out of cute, low-heeled black shoes.  Whoops.  Oh, well.  I have cute, high-heeled black shoes to tide me over as needed.

I also crocheted a shawl around that time:

Isnt my pose just saucy?

Isn't my pose just saucy?

I made it with a D-hook, some Patons Brilliance, and [again] patience.  It’s a small fuzzy yarn on a small hook, people.  It’s a squinty job.  It was a bit rough when I completed it, but I ran it through the dryer on low heat, and that softenedi t up nicely.  I was inspired courtesty of “Mad Men”, which got me looking at vintage fashion, which got me to caplets from the 1950s.  Which got me here.

A quick close-up on the button and neckline:

asymmetrical and sparkly

asymmetrical and sparkly

Pardon the weird coloration, I took this picture with my webcam.  The button is a 1 and 3/16″ diameter rounded triangle [found at Hobby Lobby], and the neckline was intentionally asymmetrical.  I was inspired by the cobweb tights that I mentioned in this post, and I think the neckline and button give the shawl a nice touch of modernism without taking away from the retro vibe.

And that’s the completed crafts.  Currently, I’m working on a Big Tacky Blanket [tm].  I’m finishing a section currently, so pictures will go up once the section is completed.  I’m also working on another mod podge project; this one a giant red bag that will be covered in comic book panels [it will character-match the shoes I made back in March].  I need to finish clearing my work table of internship debris before the bag takes off, but I’ve got a couple of weeks before semester starts to get the whole thing jazzed up and ready to go.

This Mod Podge I’ve Heard so Much About

I’m a crafter of a certain disposition.  I don’t sew because I’ve never learned.  I don’t knit because I’ve never done it well.  I don’t make jewelry because I’ve never had the interest, and scrapbooking–quite honestly–bores the hell out of me.

I’m a crocheter and a cross stitcher.  And now, apparently, I’m a Mod Podge person [Mod Podger?].  It happened quite by accident.  I learned crochet and cross stitch from my grandmother, and I’ve been content with those for years.  But then I remembered everything I’d heard about Mod Podge.  And I had a spare couple of “Black Canary” comics.  And Wal-Mart was having a sale on a few of their shoes.

Experienced Mod Podge people [Mod Podgers?] can already see where this is going:

My two new best friends.

My two new best friends.

One jar of Mod Podge?  Check.  One can of Acrylic sealant that will do a passable job of making my shoes waterproof?  Check.

And what else do you need for such a project?  Shoes!



I chose a cute pair of shiny black heels that I found at Wal-Mart for $13.00.  They had knee-high boots on sale for $5.00, but none in my size, so cute black heels it was!

So, I had the Mod Podge, I had the sealant, and I had the shoes.  All I needed to do then was cut out all the pictures I wanted to use from the comics:





I won’t detail the amount of time it took to pick pictures and cut them out, tiny edge by tiny edge.  I would like to, however, take a moment and be grateful that the inker on these two issues like a thick edge line around images.  It helped with keeping my scissors where I wanted them.

So I shook out my hands, cracked my knuckles, and spent roughly 3 hours pasting bits and pieces of my beloved Black Canary onto my shoes.  The results?  Pure awesome:

They really are that shiny.

They really are that shiny.

And it gets better, but to save your browser from freezing and fleeing, I’m going to post a link to the rest of the photostream.

Once I had everything in place and covered in Mod Podge three more times [Mod Podged it three more times?], I sprayed down both shoes with the sealant in a very well ventilated area and left them to dry.  With a bit of luck and lack of rain, I think I’ll wear them out tomorrow. [I don’t distrust the sealant being waterproof–I distrust that I managed to seal every nook and cranny.]