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Another Project Long Completed: The Oath!

I posted way way back when I cross stitched the first part of the Green Lantern Oath, and way back, I actually cross stitched the whole thing:

green lantern crossstich

The alignment is obviously a little bit wonky, but I love it anyway. I’ve not yet gotten it framed (I have an idea for making a picture frame but haven’t tried it out yet). I’m proud of my stitching; I don’t cross stitch much, and I’ve never had the patience for those multi-colored-every-five-stitches-change thread projects, so I like coming up with ways to cross stitch words. I’ve got a list of quotes I want to cross stitch eventually, but they always seem to fall to the wayside.


A Touch of Comic Geekery For You

Welcome to Sector 2814.  Your current Green Lantern team is Hal Jordan and John Stewart

Welcome to Sector 2814. Your current Green Lantern team is Hal Jordan and John Stewart

I semi-winged the Green Lantern symbol, and I’m really happy with how it came out.  The text style came from this website, and this bit of fun has reminded me how much I like to cross stitch.  It’s one of the first crafts I learned, and the repetitive motion is very relaxing.

My next cross stitch is going to be a quote from Charlotte’s Web.  I’ve got a decorating idea that revolves around a bunch of stitched quotes from books.  We’ll see where that goes.

The poll for this post is a bit different, just for kicks:

The Knitting Thing is Not Working Out

Adorable, isnt it?

Adorable, isn't it?

I have, for the third time in my life, taken to knitting like a cow in a shopping cart. Which is to say, it’s not gone well. So, instead, you get a picture of an adorable elephant I cross stitched onto a crochet square. Cross stitching onto crocheted objects is a personal favorite in terms of embellishing a crochet piece. It’s easy, helps use up scrap yarn, and can really make a project pop.

The elephant and the E are my own design. I like simple shapes in all my work, so my elephant is very square. I figure out my cross stitch patterns on graph paper, and when I’m not sure how something should look, I look for other cross stitch patterns to get an idea.

I’d like to do a whole series of crochet squares with cross stitch animals that relate to letters of the alphabet. It’d be popular, I think, as an alternative to the dozens of star blankets and baby clothes sets people make for showers and birthdays and what-have-you. The trick, of course, will be making sure the animals look distinct. Good think graph paper is cheap.