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Another Project Long Completed: The Oath!

I posted way way back when I cross stitched the first part of the Green Lantern Oath, and way back, I actually cross stitched the whole thing:

green lantern crossstich

The alignment is obviously a little bit wonky, but I love it anyway. I’ve not yet gotten it framed (I have an idea for making a picture frame but haven’t tried it out yet). I’m proud of my stitching; I don’t cross stitch much, and I’ve never had the patience for those multi-colored-every-five-stitches-change thread projects, so I like coming up with ways to cross stitch words. I’ve got a list of quotes I want to cross stitch eventually, but they always seem to fall to the wayside.


Better Late Than Never: Projects Long Completed

That I forgot to post because I’m a bum.

If you’ve been checking back with my very inconsistent posting, you might recall my super-awesome mod podge Black Canary shoes.  Awhile back, I decided I was tired of the flat-out terrible that was the Winick “Green Arrow/Black Canary” run and chopped it up for parts:

Comic panels for bag

Such pretty art from such a terrible, terrible comic.

There’s a lot of Dinah on the top of the pile, but there’s also a lot of Ollie, Mia, Connor, and a few shots of Hal Jordan (used for another project).  If you’re not a comic book fan, all those names are characters in the book.  They’re awesome.  When not written by Judd Winick (zing!).

I then went and grabbed a giant red bag I’d bought at Hobby Lobby weeks before this project because it was giant, red, and I was certain I could find it useful.  I did!  However, there was quite a bit of red in the background of the panels I wanted to use (and Mia (Speedy 2) was wearing the classic red costume), so I wanted to tone down the very bright red.  I grabbed some black acrylic paint to paint up the bag.

Paint and Mod Podge

The paint takes the forefront, while the Mod Podge waits patiently for its turn.

I then took the black paint and brushed it all over the purse, which looked pretty neat when I finished up:

Bag, post-painting

Bag, post-painting, pre-awesome.

I then laid out the different pictures on each of the different panels of the bag, deciding to set up an ass-kicking scene for Dinah (aka Black Canary, aka my favorite superhero EVER).  I used the back side of the bag to showcase the different characters in the comic, including Green Arrow (Ollie), Speedy (Mia), Green Arrow II (Connor), Black Canary (Dinah), and Red Arrow (Roy–the three pictures there were of him).  Once I had the whole thing planned out, I put the mod podge to work and created the Bag of Badass:

Front of Bag

Front of Bag

Back of bag

Back of bag

I’ve taken it out a few times since I finished it, and it’s held up well.  I accidentally tore a panel, but I managed to line it back up and mod podge it back together.  Super fun, though a touch time-consuming (lots of tiny pieces to cut out), but I swear mod podge gets more fun every time I use it.

Close up of bag panels:

Front of bag, panel 1
Front of bag, panel 2
Front of bag, panel 3

Back of bag, panel 1
Back of bag, panel 2
Back of bag, panel 3

A Touch of Comic Geekery For You

Welcome to Sector 2814.  Your current Green Lantern team is Hal Jordan and John Stewart

Welcome to Sector 2814. Your current Green Lantern team is Hal Jordan and John Stewart

I semi-winged the Green Lantern symbol, and I’m really happy with how it came out.  The text style came from this website, and this bit of fun has reminded me how much I like to cross stitch.  It’s one of the first crafts I learned, and the repetitive motion is very relaxing.

My next cross stitch is going to be a quote from Charlotte’s Web.  I’ve got a decorating idea that revolves around a bunch of stitched quotes from books.  We’ll see where that goes.

The poll for this post is a bit different, just for kicks: