Road Trip Skirt

In mid-September, The Husband and I began a cross-country road trip to move from Missouri to Oregon. Five days later, having not horribly murdered each other, we arrived. Along the way, I had a lot of things I could have done. I had books to read. I had ideas I could write. I had yarn. In a surprise to absolutely no one on this list, the yarn won over in a big way. In five days, I made most of a skirt. And here’s what it looks like:

Full length shot of Road Trip skirt

Pardon the epic bitchface. I do not self-photograph well.

I made it over five day  with Joann Sensations Boucle, an I-hook and no pattern. The only parts of it I completed once we got into Oregeon proper are the ruffle:



which took entirely too much time, as I did three single crochet in every crochet around, then did a single crochet in each of those, and then did three single crochet in each single crochet, and then the final row was a single crochet in every single crochet.

Got that?

After the ruffle was complete, I added the buttons:



The gaping buttonhole on the bottom just proves that I haven’t yet mastered buttonholes. I have, at least, learned to sew a button on tightly. That is a valuable skill. Just ask The Husband and the slacks of his I have repaired a few times.

You might notice, looking at the button picture, that the buttonholes aren’t quite on the same level as the buttons. This is due to a) my aforementioned lack of buttonhole talent and b) my need to add a second button to the skirt. Turns out that Boucle, while working up in a pretty, striped pattern without my having to do anything, is a bit heavier than expected when it’s in skirt form, and I had to add a second button to keep the thing from literally falling off me.

Overall, I’m happy with the Road Trip skirt. It’s soft. It looks good, and every time I wear it, I’m reminded that The Husband and I made it across the country without horribly murderating one another. Victory on all counts!


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