It’s fall! Bring on the hooded shrug!

Me in Hooded Shrug

Mmm, cozy.

Please consider the picture to the left to be an example of why I do not usually pose for photos.  I can hold still, but I always seem to bring the bitchface.

My bitchface (and photobomb by the goose) aside, I’m happy with the project. The shrug is you was made from Red Heart Light and Lofty.  I made it with my Q-hook, and winged the pattern.

Winging a shrug pattern is pretty easy once you realize that shrugs are rectangles you sew together.  Once I sewed the rectangle, I added the sleeves, hood, and cuffs.  The red cuffs came to be because I ran out of green yarn.  I like making shrugs from bulkier yarns because, a) they work up fast, and b) it’s easy to do shaping.  With bulkier yarns, you’re usually working about three stitches per inch, so shaping by the inch can be done in a single row or round without getting the slightly triangular shape you get if you decrease too quickly with lighter yarn weights.

And now, a shot of the back:

Back of Hooded Shrug

From the back!

With the contrast from the flash, you can see the joining seam at the curve of my shoulder.  You can also see the open stitch work that comes from working with a bulky yarn and a big hook.  The open stitching makes the shrug easier to wear in chilly-but-not-too-chilly weather.  It’s super comfy and has already been made useful in our new digs in Oregon.  Turns out, it rains here at the drop of a hat and doesn’t get terribly cold when it does.  (I’ve been informed that that will change. Oh , goody.)


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