A nook for my Nook

Way back in February, before prices dropped on eReaders like nobody’s business, I went out and bought the Barnes & Noble Nook.  I did not, at the time, buy a cover for it because, a) it’d be an extra $30 I wouldn’t be able to spend on books, and b) I had a stack of yarn at home aching to be used in some project.

Sometime in April, tired of wrapping my Nook in a variety of scarves, I finally sat down and crocheted a bag for my new toy.  I used a 100% cotton yarn, light worsted weight, in a really pretty denim blue.  I (of course) don’t recall the name of the yarn, but I know it’s been discontinued because I picked it up off the discontinued shelf at my local yarn shop.  The results were rather lovely, I think:

Nook Cozy -- Closed

Nook Cozy -- Closed

I absolutely love the buttons with that denim blue, and the Nook fits into the cozy exactly.  To get the measurements right, I started with a double-base chain the length of the Nook’s short side and then worked in the round to make the bag.  I kept slipping the Nook in and out of the bag like you’d try on a toe-down sock for fit.  You can see how well it fits in the next two images:

Nook Cozy -- Size Comparison

Nook Cozy -- Size Comparison from the side

Nook Cozy -- Size Comparison 2

Nook Cozy -- Size Comparison with Nook in cozy

There’s enough extra space in the design of the bag to get the Nook in and out easily, but the bag is still small enough that the Nook doesn’t jostle around.

And now, let us pause for a quick bit of button porn:

Nook Cozy -- Buttons

Nook Cozy -- Button close-up

I picked up the buttons at Hobby Lobby ages ago, and I was so happy to finally find a yarn and a project where they worked so well.  The buttons are from Dill Buttons, and are made–the website informs me–of tin.  I had assumed they were silver because, well, they’re silver, so I learned something today.

My only complaint on the whole project is that I got overzealous with the strap, so the bag hits me under my hip, but I tend to do that with bags, so I’m not terribly surprised.

On a final, pre-poll note, I highly recommend the Nook.  All the ereaders on the market are basically the same in regards to software, so do your research on which feels the most comfortable to interact with, and pick one up now. They’ve dropped $100 off the price across the board.

And now, the poll:


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