Confession Time

I am utterly terrible at craft blogging.

I know you’re shocked.  But wait! There’s more!

I’m not just bad at craft blogging, but also bad at all the pieces of craft blogging. I forget to get in-progress pictures, and I forget to get finalized images, and even if I do get either of those, I sometimes forget to post things for months and months.

In short:  I’m one of those bloggers, and while I try to remember to post, things happen, and then I forget.  And when I remember again, I can’t find my camera or can’t remember what project I finished, and I find myself back where I started, with no posts, and huge gaps between new posts.

This is not a promise to try harder. This is a statement of the facts. I’ll post as I remember, and I hope anyone who wanders by is sufficiently entertained. And let it be known that while I may forget to blog, I do read and respond to comments as quickly as possible.


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