Action Shots of the Shrug-Like Thing

In my last post I posted a vid about a shrug I’d made.  I found the time and incentive to take a few action shots, and the restuls were…variable.  Out of about 15 shots, I picked a few that I really liked, and I think the pictures do a good job showing how the shrug fits and falls.

The shrug hits right at my natural waist [Yes, I’m very high-waisted.].  I still think I need a third button to finish the look.  Or possibly different buttons. I found some cute ones at Joann’s last week that I think will funk up the shrug just a touch.

A slightly closer-up shot of the shrug.  I’m especially proud of the small panels on the sides of my chest that help shape the bottom half of the shrug.

I like this shot of the back because it really shows where the shrug started [the teal] and where it ended [the purple].  It also showcases the general fit on the arms, back, and waist.

And I just discovered that I’ve got a lone skein of the Jewel Box yarn [the purple] that I had misplaced.  Part of me is tempted to add one last bit of flare to the shrug, but I think I can make a tiny purse, instead, and use it as an accessory.

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