Googlepages is disappearing and other news

I’ve known this for awhile, but it bears repeating that Googlepages is being dicontinued to make way for Googlesites.  I would show the approrpiate level of vitriol I feel for this decision except for the fact that I’m trying to cut back on my swearing.   Let it be known, were I to open up the frustration, the swearing would be epic.

The patterns on the webpage will be moved to this blog.  I’ve got it pencilled in to get done sometime this week, so it should be completed sometime next week [let it never be said I won’t admit to my procrastination tendencies].

In the promised other news, I am, in fact, still around and crafty, but it’s a busy summer for me.  I’ve got an internship [for course credit], a class [Astronomy], and a bit of freelance work.  So, I’m still crafting [and cooking more], but my schedule is a bit snug at the moment.  I’ve plans to make a cobbler-esque thing with cherries tonight or tomorrow, and I want to post up that recipe because it is, a) delicious and b) a good example of working from someone else’s recipe and finding my own twist [my favored way to cook].

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