This Mod Podge I’ve Heard so Much About

I’m a crafter of a certain disposition.  I don’t sew because I’ve never learned.  I don’t knit because I’ve never done it well.  I don’t make jewelry because I’ve never had the interest, and scrapbooking–quite honestly–bores the hell out of me.

I’m a crocheter and a cross stitcher.  And now, apparently, I’m a Mod Podge person [Mod Podger?].  It happened quite by accident.  I learned crochet and cross stitch from my grandmother, and I’ve been content with those for years.  But then I remembered everything I’d heard about Mod Podge.  And I had a spare couple of “Black Canary” comics.  And Wal-Mart was having a sale on a few of their shoes.

Experienced Mod Podge people [Mod Podgers?] can already see where this is going:

My two new best friends.

My two new best friends.

One jar of Mod Podge?  Check.  One can of Acrylic sealant that will do a passable job of making my shoes waterproof?  Check.

And what else do you need for such a project?  Shoes!



I chose a cute pair of shiny black heels that I found at Wal-Mart for $13.00.  They had knee-high boots on sale for $5.00, but none in my size, so cute black heels it was!

So, I had the Mod Podge, I had the sealant, and I had the shoes.  All I needed to do then was cut out all the pictures I wanted to use from the comics:





I won’t detail the amount of time it took to pick pictures and cut them out, tiny edge by tiny edge.  I would like to, however, take a moment and be grateful that the inker on these two issues like a thick edge line around images.  It helped with keeping my scissors where I wanted them.

So I shook out my hands, cracked my knuckles, and spent roughly 3 hours pasting bits and pieces of my beloved Black Canary onto my shoes.  The results?  Pure awesome:

They really are that shiny.

They really are that shiny.

And it gets better, but to save your browser from freezing and fleeing, I’m going to post a link to the rest of the photostream.

Once I had everything in place and covered in Mod Podge three more times [Mod Podged it three more times?], I sprayed down both shoes with the sealant in a very well ventilated area and left them to dry.  With a bit of luck and lack of rain, I think I’ll wear them out tomorrow. [I don’t distrust the sealant being waterproof–I distrust that I managed to seal every nook and cranny.]


12 responses to “This Mod Podge I’ve Heard so Much About

  1. I LOVE THEM. Period. Congrats to you!

  2. I have honestly NEVER done modge podge but my tip would be to use an exacto/craft knife and trim the little edges that stick out around the bottom of the shoe.
    that think that will give them a nice “clean” and finished look.
    I love the idea I have some extra comics I got at wal*mart last year for 99 cents and this would be the coolest project to do with them.

  3. These look wonderful! What a great idea. So I am dying to know how they held up- I recently Mod Podged my entire kitchen table top and it discolors whenever it gets wet (which is plenty). Anyway, great work!

    • gaylefrancisdesigns

      I haven’t gotten them anywhere near water, so I have no idea how they respond to condensation. They have about three coats of acrylic sealer on them, though, just be safe in case I get caught in a sprinkle.

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  5. I realize that at this date, this is an “old” entry you made about your shoes, but somewhere along the vast reaches of the internet, I read about your shoes and found your blog. I actually went to far as to PDF this entry so I wouldn’t lose the directions you gave, because I am just about done with my own pair of shoes: a $2 pair of black pumps from a thrift store done up with my own hero: SPIDER-MAN! As of writing, they are sitting on my kitchen counter, waiting for their final sealing. My goal is to have them ready to wear to work on Monday or Tuesday. Pictures and a link to your entry will be posted once they are complete. 🙂

    Thank you so much for posting about this. I think I have become a Mod-Podge junkie, with plans to do a pair of Wonder Woman shoes and maybe even a Star Trek set (OTS on one foot, TNG on the other?)…the possibilities are endless!!!!

    • gaylefrancisdesigns

      How fabulous! I’m glad I could inspire you! I’m a total Mod Podge dork now, even planning a bag project just as soon as I have some time (damn you, grad school). I can’t wait to see your final product!

  6. Oh man, I have too many ideas now! My head is going to burst!

    I finally have the pictures up on my blog.

    And I don’t even have to go pick up another pair of shoes to do the Wonder Woman ones. My sister sent me a pair of her’s that she didn’t want anymore.

    Thanks again for the tute!

    • gaylefrancisdesigns

      They look fabulous! I love the new lining. I never think about details like that, and it gives them another bit of pop.

      And may I suggest, for your Wonder Woman comics, perhaps a bag of badass?

  7. I love the bag of badass. I did a little Homer Simpson-esqe moan when I saw it.

    • gaylefrancisdesigns

      I win! Oh, the Homer moan is good for everything. 🙂 I look forward to your next project, whether it’s mod podge or not.

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