Hat and Scarf Combo

To start off the new year–and a regular blogging schedule again–I thought I’d start with my favorite bit of accidential awesome from the end of the year.

Accidental Awesome, if you’ve not heard of it, is what happens when you decide to wing something and it comes out fabulous.  I have an A. Awesome cake recipie that I should post sometime.  But for now, you get a hat and scarf:

Red Heart Sensations

Main hat: Moda Dea Dream; Flower: Red Heart Sensations

The hat is made of Moda Dea Dream, and the flowers are made from Red Heart Sensations. I used an I-hook, and I doubled over the yarn on the flowers so that they’d be thicker and warmer.  I placed the flowers over my ears.  The hat ends right about the middle of my ears, and the flowers cover the rest.  I used someone else’s pattern for the flowers, and I’ll credit as soon as I track down the webpage.

Flower Close-Up

Flower Close-Up

A close-up on the flower, because I think it’s adorable.

And now, the scarf:

Moda Dea Dream

Scarf: Red Heart Sensations; Trim: Moda Dea Dream

I reversed my yarns to make the scarf, as I had more Sensastions left over than Dream.  I made the scarf with the following stitch pattern:

1 sc, ch 1, sk next sc, sc in following stitch

I used my trusty I-hook again and made sure that the stitch count on the scarf was an odd number.  Once I had the body of the scarf done, I thought some trim would be nice, so  I painstakingly stitched the Dream up the sides.  I knotted the end of the Dream and left the extra yarn as a tassel:

Oooh, tassels!

Oooh, tassels!

And, looking at this picture, I realize it was berfore I evened out the edges.  I’d take a new picture, but the scarf went into a Christmas gift this year and was well-liked.  And is now in Canada being worn by a grad student.

And to finish things off right, a poll for you:

Hope you're toasty!

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