Divine Design Inspiration

The more I write patterns, the more I find myself seeing ideas in the everyday.  I’ll stop and check out machine-made scarves and sweaters with interesting stitch patterns to see how I can make a variation for my own use.

I like that I’m honing my design skills to the point that I can now look at certain things and almost immediately get an idea of how to make my own.  Take, for example, the following pictures:

Cobweb tights on the runway

Cobweb tights on the runway

I got this picture in an e-mail from a family friend [Hi, Teri!], and my first thought was, “That’s what I’ll do with all those skeins of Patons Lacette!  Patons Lacette is a super-fine, slightly fuzzy yarn that Patons has discontinued.  I’d planned to try and make a sweater from it, but then they cut off my supply, and I had to rethink my options.  I want to use the basic construction of the tights as the starting point and make, perhaps, a shawl or openwork scarf.  I don’t want such gaping holes [like on the upper left thigh], but I do very much like the idea of playing with the placement of stitches to get some sections that are more open than others.

Very chic, no?

Very chic, no?

That buckle is just fun

That buckle is just fun

And then there’s this sweater from Express.  I happened upon it while browsing one day, and my very first thought was, “I can make that’.  I really like the shape of it–the way it just skims the body, and the shape of the sleeves–and the sleeves have little silver buckles that I think take the whole look up a notch.  I feel like, having accomplished my first sweater, I’m ready to tackle another, and I think this would look divine in a sportweight yarn.

My biggest concern, I think, will be the way the sleeves puff before they cinch into the cuff with the buckle.  I get the feeling I’ll spend a bit of time frogging and re-stitching, but I know the final result will be well worth it.

And then there are the pictures that simply make me want to design more:

Chirstina Hendricks is fabulous

Chirstina Hendricks is fabulous

Being a busty, hippy, small-waisted type, I absolutely adore this dress [and the actress in it].  I’ve been staring at this picture on and off for days wondering if it’s possible to recreate it with yarn.  Even if I can’t, there’s so much well-placed shaping on display that I know it’s going to inspire me for days.  Possibly weeks.  Maybe even months.  It’s an interesting, unique-looking dress that makes Christina Hendricks look like even more of a bombshell than she already is.  How could that not be inspiring?

What inspires you, dear reader?

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