The Addictive Quality of Shelfari

My Shelfari page occasionally gets ignored, but I always end up back there, scurrying about to get my latest books on the list.  I’ve always been a bookworm and getting to keep track of what I read and how I liked it is an incredibly useful tool.  I can usually recall, even years later, whether or not something’s struck me as worth my time, but there are occasions where I can’t tell you if I’ve even read a book.

I also like writing reviews of books.  I’m a writer before I’m anything else of interest and having the space to practice is very nice.  I get a bit aggravated when I go looking for books to add to my ‘will read’ list and the only review is a “yes”, “no”, or something resembling l33t-speak.  I always hope that places like Shelfari will have a concentrated, loyal following of well-spoken people who are willing to at least attempt to write full sentences, but the internet is the internet, and sometimes well-spoken bookworms fall into a pit of exclamation points.

I also like Shelfari because it makes me stop and think exactly how much I enjoyed a book.  Did I think it was great the whole way through, or did parts of it drag?  How badly did it make me want to claw out my eyes?  How many times did I want to read parts aloud?  The secret to a good review, really, is to be willing to carve up what you love and look at its innards.

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