Why I invent my own sweater patterns

Because I am not shaped like a box.

Lion Brand isn’t the only pattern-producing company that causes me to wince, but I do think they’re the most prolific.

Increasing and decreasing in crochet is a simple matter.  All it takes is a couple of extra stitches in one place and pulling stitches together in other places.  Crochet is known for being incredibly adaptable and easy-to-manipulate to produce the kind of shape you want.  Knitters routinely take the time to figure increases and decrease into their garment work, and it’s more difficult to make those adjustments in knitting.

Crochet has a bad reputation for being a quick skill that requires little in the way of working knowledge.  I’d like to see people work a little harder, remember their increases and decreases, and showcase all the benefits of crochet, not just the square ones.

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