Sweater 5.0 Continues Not to Suck

The sleeves, they work!

The sleeves, they work!

As you can see from the picture, both sleeves have been completed, and there’s not an excess of fabric bunched up under my arms.  This is grand news, given my previous issues with sleeve construction, and it was the big hurdle that needed to be jumped to make a sweater worth wearing.

There’s still work to be done on the bodice, but I think I can knock that out tonight after I finish running errands and such.  I’m going to edge the neck, sleeves, and bottom hem with something simple and semi-ruffly once I have the main part of the sweater completed.  I’m thinking three single crochets in each crochet around.  It gives a ruffled look without being floppy or getting in the way.

I’ve already decided that sweater 6.0 is going to need to be slightly larger in the bust.  It’s not that I mind that I have sweater kittens; it’s that it seems me to nearly crush them.

2 responses to “Sweater 5.0 Continues Not to Suck

  1. What are “sweater kittens”? 🙂

  2. gaylefrancisdesigns

    It’s a crass, and rather old-fashioned way of saying breasts.

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