Sweater Verison 5.0 is going to be a success!

Long before I started this blog I made numerous attempts to crochet sweaters.  I didn’t use any patterns, as I was convinced there was a better way to put a sleeve on a garment than to have to add it later, and I’ve run through four versions of sweaters in the intervening time.

Sweater 1.0 didn’t even get pictures.  I attempted to make a sweater by producing the front and back separately. My gauge got the better of me [as it’s been known to do], and the front ended up being two inches wider than the back.

Sweater 2.0 started out well in the lower bodice but somehow fell to pieces around my chest.  I changedyarn, from Lion Brand Wool-Ease to Lion Brand Suede, and I paid for the switch.  I think, had I stayed with Wool-Ease, I would have made a sweater that would have been rather cute.

2.0--Stick with the yarn that came first.

2.0--Stick with the yarn that came first.

Sweater 3.0 was made of Lily’s Cotton, and while the neckline was interesting to me, the sweater was just a pretty hot mess all around.  Lily’s is too heavy to make a good sweater yarn.

3.0--Somewhere under there, theres a human shape.

3.0--Somewhere under there, there's a human shape.

Sweater 4.0 was made of the wrong kind of yarn [Caron One Pound, a somewhat stiff acrylic], and I never even finished it.  I think it became a series of hats.

4.0--If the yarn shapes itself, reconsider.

4.0--If the yarn shapes itself, reconsider.

Sweater 5.0, the current work-in-production, has gone almost too well.  I took the time to consider what all my other attempts did well and did poorly, and I put that knowledge to work.  Sweater 5.0 [and 2.0-4.0] has been worked in the round.  I started a couple of inches below the widest part of my chest and took my time making my increases.  I didn’t start making the front and back separately until I was comfortable that the armholes would not be over-sized.  I had to frog my first attempt at a sleeve, but the second attempt is settling in nicely.  I’ve got a couple more inches of sleeve now than when I took the picture, and it’s coming in nicely.

5.0--Halfway to wearable.

5.0--Halfway to wearable.

I’m trying on frequently, about every four rounds, and so far, so good.  I think this’ll be the sweater I actually wear in public.  With a bit of luck and elbow grease, this puppy could be all finished up by the end of the weekend.

One response to “Sweater Verison 5.0 is going to be a success!

  1. I like the chronicles of your crocheted sweaters. 🙂 Hope it comes out in the way you expect/wish it to.


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