Skirt-Making, step three [aka, the ‘crap in a hat’ step]

1/2 complete!

1/2 complete!

The picture is showing off the half of the skirt that is complete*. If you turn the skirt over, it’s just waistband. What you are seeing, actually, is the half of the skirt for which I have yarn. I figured my chances of having enough yarn for the job were fairly slim and was okay with that. It’s Moda Dea Cherrio, I told myself. I have a Hobby Lobby, a Joann’s, and a Michael’s within the city limits, I told myself. If I run out, I can get more.

Guess which three stores in my area have decided to no longer carry Moda Dea Cheerio?

Crap in a hat.

I’ve even scoured the smaller, more specialized yarn stores in hopes of tracking down some Cheerio. No go. I’m going to have to order online, wait for the yarn to show up, and then hope the dye discrepancy isn’t obscene. Although, given that the skirt is only half done, the discrepancy may not be completely obvious. That’d be nice.

Other minor issues with the skirt thus far:

  • Courtesy of a five-hour “Law & Order” marathon, I didn’t pay particular attention to some of my stitching and now the hem of the skirt is at an angle. I think I know how to fix it, luckily.
  • I forgot to put elastic in the waistband, so I’m hoping a drawstring will do the trick for added, non-flashing security.
  • My computer keyboard has been routinely covered in bits and pieces of Cheerio as it’s shed. I watch most everything on my computer, so I’ve been pulling sparkly bits of yarn out of my keyboard for the whole week.

I’m off to scour the internet for my prize, and then I’m going to try to knit something. Most likely, it’ll be a dishtowel, as they’re simple rectangles that don’t require a great deal of stitches on the needle.

*Note to self: When referring to a picture, make sure to post the picture.

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