Skirt-Making, step one

I’ve made two skirts in the run of my crocheting. One was the Spiderweb Skirt, which is a beautiful pattern, and the other was a pencil skirt that came out slightly wrong. I love the idea of using crochet to make clothes, and I’ve been trying for a couple of weeks to figure out the easiest way to make a skirt that doesn’t require constant measuring and re-measuring of my dimensions.

Then, it hit me: Change direction.

Let me give you the visual aid before I explain:


Using a bit of worsted weight cotton I had lying around, I crocheted a couple of tiny mock-ups of what I wanted. The waistband is worked straight across, like you would work the edge of a blanket or another square object. The length of the skirt was worked in columns, which each column ending by slip stitching into the next stitch in the waistband. The skirt on the upper left was worked by making columns of regular single crochet while the skirt on the bottom right was worked as columns of back stitch single crochet. It looks like, if I’m looking for a more flared design, that I want to backstitch.

The question now is how the whole kit’s going to look when worked in the round. I haven’t done the mock-up of that yet, but I’m hoping results will be good. I like the idea of working a skirt as a series of columns, as I think it’ll give a much nicer sillouhette, given that vertical stripes are more flattering than horizontal for the most part.

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